Tegra gpu powers nvidia shield
#1 January 12, 10:12 pm
Tegra gpu powers nvidia shield
NVIDIA is rumored to be making the latest generation NVIDIA Shield device that uses Tegra X1 processor. The rumors appear based on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and Wi-Fi Certification Alliances reports that according to NVIDIA's latest wireless certification data, the NVIDIA Shield will further feature LTE connectivity and use LPDDR4 RAM.

The shield device is also rumored to be named "Loki". The name was taken from the name of Thor's brother in Marvel's story. This makes sense because the Shield name itself is the same as the organization name "SHIELD" in Marvel's story.

In addition to powered NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor which has 8 core processors, the next generation NVIDIA Shield is also rumored to have supported a resolution of 4K 60fps, and 1.080p 120fps. It is also powered by 256 GPU cores for graphics processing, and has supported Microsoft's latest graphics API, the DirectX 12.

Looking at these specifications, it is undeniable that the latest NVIDIA Shield will be the fastest portable gaming device today.

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